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Linknovate’s 2018 in Numbers

Linknovate Team - January 7, 2019 - 0 comments

This is how great our 2018 has been

Now that we are entering 2019, are planning for what we hope will be a great year for us and our clients, and are looking forward to what’s ahead of us… we wanted to take a moment look back and taking stock of what 2018 has been for Linknovate.

It definitively was our best year so far:

  • we launched a new feature we were excited about and had had in our minds for quite a long time (yes! it’s the FEED we’re talking about!),
  • we were granted TWO more European Projects (and are busy, busy participating in three ongoing projects),
  • our team has grown with two new additions we will introduce all of you soon,
  • we have been involved in dozens of events and conferences, and are already closing new ones for 2019 (to name a few: MWC, NET Futures, ISPIM Conference, or ICT 2018),
  • we have improved our Discovery Engine with fresh data, new sources, and faster servers,
  • and have grown in users!

But, being a data platform that provides insights and content out of data, we couldn’t allow ourselves to throw you some facts and leave it there. Nope.

As we like to say: don’t trust us, trust the data. So, we’ve prepared a little infographic that pretty much sums up our successes of 2018 in numbers. Hope you like it and thanks for being part of these numbers (and achievements!).

Linknovate 2018 in numbers

This is just how great our 2018 has been. What else could we ask for?

Just one thing: for 2019 to be just as amazing

Thanks for being there 🙂

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