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Artificial Intelligence Leaders You Must Know

Linknovate Team - September 25, 2017 - 0 comments

The United States dominates the world of Artificial Intelligence, although China and India have been closing the gap in the last years. Private organizations are the ones bringing out more records, with Microsoft, Google, and IBM on the lead.

If there is a technology trend that is in everybody’s mouths (and startup pitches) that would be Artificial Intelligence (AI). From job loss & government control controversies to Zuck vs. Musk beef, AI’s debate is hotter than ever.

Who’s making all these people talk?

Big corporations such as Google, Apple, Amazon, or Microsoft have their own Intelligent Personal Assistant (Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana) but that’s just the most popular side of AI.

Truth is there isn’t barely a tech company that doesn’t use AI algorithms. Hence, the high number of organizations and records in the subject.

Top Organizations innovating in Artificial Intelligence

Up to 60% of the organizations working in AI since 2010 are companies. Only one of the top 5 entities is a University, MIT, and only one of the top 10, Nanyang Technological University, isn’t based in the USA

Top 10 Entities Working in Artificial Intelligence. Source:
NOTE: Since we are constantly updating our data, results may vary. Click on the link for more updated results.

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Leaders

As they stated in their last Microsoft Build conference, Microsoft intends to infuse AI into every product and service they offer. Besides Azure, this includes Xbox, Windows, Bing, and Office; which explains the great growth they have been experiencing in 2017.

Countries Leading the Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

Clearly, the USA is the country with the biggest number of private companies, both corporations, and SMEs, working in AI. However, China and India have been closing the gap during the last years, especially on the academic side (research centers and universities).

Top Artificial Intelligence Trends

Algorithms & Computational Artificial Intelligence are the most repeated topics in AI during the last 5 years, mainly because of Microsoft, Google, IBM… and Cylance developments.

Artificial Intelligence Trends

Most popular Artificial Intelligence trends’ evolution during the last 5 years. Source:
NOTE: Since we are constantly updating our data, results may vary. Click on the image for more updated results.

Artificial Intelligence over Time

It seems AI interest reached its peak in 2015, while the number of records issued has been decreasing since then.

That’s because Universities and Research Institutes have been publishing less and fewer documents while private companies began dominating the field. AI’s curve looks like the hype cycle, an indicator of market readiness.

Artificial Intelligence Importance Evolution

Artificial Intelligence Importance Evolution. Source:

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