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Wind Tech: Top 5 Startups Innovating Turbines

Linknovate Team - September 22, 2023 - 0 comments

In our present time, we inhabit an ecosystem with an insatiable hunger for energy, yet our resources are finite, and the adverse impacts of fossil fuels loom large. Consequently, over the years, innovations have emerged to supplement or, in many cases, supplant petroleum-based energy sources.

Among these innovations, wind energy stands out as a means to generate clean, renewable energy. Nevertheless, in numerous instances, it disrupts the local wildlife and flora. Therefore, contemporary advancements in wind technology are currently being fervently pursued with the aim of finding sustainable solutions that do not upset the delicate balance of nature or societal harmony. 

Research in wind tech has boomed in the last 5 years. Source: Linknovate

Mobile and easy-installation wind turbines offer an enhanced and user-friendly solution for harnessing wind energy, providing a sustainable source of electricity that can be easily put in place and employed anywhere. Notably, public funding and grants to projects developing similar tech have hit record numbers this year:

Portable, mobile, easy-installation turbines, Public funding per year. Source: Linknovate

As you delve deeper into this topic, we will delve into the latest breakthroughs in this sector and the top 5 startups bringing innovation in turbine manufacturing.


Innovation within the realm of turbines has made its mark not only on a large scale but also in numerous smaller projects, such as Shine. 

Shine is a wind turbine designed for portability developed by Aurea Technologies. With an output of 40 watts, Shine can charge small electronic devices. The device can fit into a backpack and offers the flexibility to charge devices in real-time or store energy in its built-in battery. Tailored for outdoor adventures like camping or a nomadic lifestyle in a motorhome or van, Shine enables rapid, efficient, and sustainable energy charging. What sets Shine apart is its ability to operate even in rainy weather and during nighttime hours.

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Uprise Energy

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Uprise Energy is distinguished for being the manufacturer of the world’s first 10-kilowatt mobile turbine. This innovation provides a sustainable solution for generating clean, cost-effective energy wherever it is needed.

Their compact turbine fits neatly into a shipping container and can be towed by a standard vehicle. Its swift installation obviates the need for costly upgrades or extensive wind assessments. Designed with an emphasis on efficiency at low wind speeds, it can be strategically positioned close to consumers, including in areas traditionally reliant on diesel generators for power.

Orbital Composites

Currently, one of the foremost challenges in the wind energy sector pertains to transportation due to the unwieldy dimensions of turbine components, often requiring a year-long planning process for relocation. Enter Orbital Composites, a startup that has devised a groundbreaking system employing 3D printing and robotics to manufacture wind turbines on-site.

To craft turbine blades, the company employs a colossal 3D-printed mold within which they produce the blade. The entire assembly can be delivered directly to a shipping container site.

By eliminating the need for cumbersome transportation, it becomes feasible to construct longer blades: the larger the blade, the more power the turbine can generate, ultimately driving down energy costs. Furthermore, the application of 3D printing results in cost reductions up to 25%. Notably, the end product will be composed of recyclable materials, addressing the issue of non-recyclable turbine blades that dominate the industry, thus not only curbing material wastage but also promoting sustainability.


When we contemplate renewable energy, we frequently envisage wind or solar power in isolation. Yet, a French startup Unéole, has redefined this paradigm, conceiving a product that seamlessly combines both energy sources. This innovative solution, tailored for small-scale implementation and straightforward installation, is designed for flat office rooftops and apartment buildings. The platform incorporates multiple wind turbines beneath a photovoltaic roof, yielding a quiet and efficient solution capable of generating 40% more energy than a conventional solar system, operational around the clock.

Aeromine Technologies

Enter Aeromine Technologies, a US startup reimagining wind energy by harnessing 3-meter-tall wind generators free from external moving parts. Positioned at the edge of rooftops, these generators harness the natural airflow at the building’s front to generate energy. The system’s aerodynamic fins skillfully guide rapidly ascending air through an internal turbine. When paired with solar energy and rooftop battery storage, it possesses the capacity to meet 100% of a building’s energy demands.

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Undeniably, the array of innovations within the realm of wind energy is advancing at an astonishing pace. Solutions addressing transportation challenges and a commitment to harmonize with nature are paramount in our ongoing pursuit of cleaner and more efficient means of generating energy while minimizing environmental impact in the pre-energy generation stages.