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Using InnoBits for company tracking and anticipating new products

Linknovate Team - June 11, 2021 - 0 comments

How many times did you want to share a picture of a skin rush, or a weird mole? Researchers in Google are enabling an AI Dermatology assist tool, and presented it in its major event Google I/O, but what is even more interesting is that with Linknovate our clients could predict such products.

Using InnoBits for company tracking and anticipating new products

Wonder how? Through our web application you will be able to monitor patents and other references such as grants, news, publications and others, to identify emerging technologies before they go on the market and before they go mainstream. This is just an example, which you can already see through our platform.

This patent could be considered one of the main seeds of this visionary product by Google (among other patents in their portfolio). Filed for in March 2018, published in January 2021 and extended to the WIPO (WO), China (CN) and Europe (EP) patent offices.

<< (…) method can be used can vary depending on the application, but for example could consist of magnified digital images of tissue samples, which are commonly used in the diagnosis of cancer. Other applications include images used in radiology, (…) and images used in dermatology, such as photographs used in assessment of skin disorders such as skin cancer, dermatitis, microbial skin conditions and chronic skin conditions such as acne or vitiligo. >>

This patent by Google mentions a database of reference medial images. All of these images are associated with metadata that includes clinical information related to the specimen or patient associated with the medical images.

In addition, the system has a search tool to receive an image query. Thus the system finds an image or images similar to the input image. And if the user wants to be sure, they can do more than one query to further refine the result.

Linknovate clients tracking Google movements could have spotted this patent in January 2021, and be 5 months ahead of this product launch, which, by the way, can also be spotted in Linknovate.

Using InnoBits for company tracking and anticipating new products