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Linknovate’s 2019 in Numbers

Linknovate Team - January 15, 2020 - 0 comments

Today we wanted to take a moment look back and taking stock of what 2019 has been for Linknovate.

If we thought 2018 was a good year, oh boy! we haven’t met 2019 yet! We’re ecstatic about how things are growing!

  • We have improved, our Technology Scouting platform, with fresh data, new sources, and faster servers. All the info in one single place! 😉
  • We have refined our monitoring tool, InnoBits, and are going to launch a work-in-teams extension in Q1!
  • We have launched a new service, InnoYou, which allows for spotting experts within a company, and to link them with past and present projects (and products).
  • We’ve been extra busy working in the THREE European Projects we’re currently participating in: RECAP, OaSIS, and preFET.
  • We’ve gained four new additions to our team! Here’s a big shout out to Juan Manuel, Edu, Klaas, and Eva! – And have plans to keep growing in 2020 😉
  • We’ve traveled a LOT for business, events, conferences… Have visited more than 15 countries in 4 continents!
  • And, of course, we have grown in amazing users that are helping us improve with their valuable feedback!

But, being a data platform that provides insights and content out of data, we couldn’t allow ourselves to throw you some facts and leave it there. Nope.

Don’t trust us, trust the data!

So, here’s an infographic that sums up our 2019 in numbers. We hope you like it and thanks for being part of Linknovate this year!

Linknovate 2019 in numbers
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