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Self-driving car leaders Linknovate

Self-Driving Car Leaders you Must Know

Reading Time: 4 minutesGoogle, Toyota, and GM are the main self-driving car leaders worldwide. The United States, China, and Germany are the top countries behind the innovations. Pick your preferred term: connected car, self-driving… Read more »

Virtual Reality Leaders You Must Know

Virtual Reality Leaders You Must Know

Reading Time: 4 minutes  Microsoft, HTC, and the always secretive Magic Leap are the companies in a better position for the time that the VR & AR hype strikes. The United States is the country… Read more »

immigrant tech founders

Top US Tech Companies were also Founded by Immigrants

Reading Time: 2 minutesWe are back! After some time, we are continuing our blogging activity to keep you informed on the latest of innovation, science and technology. And regarding the last events on… Read more »